Four-way competition

“Memorial Maurizio Maestrelli”






Saturday May 24 luxury appointment to the stadium  Francioni of Latina with the four-way competition ”Memorial Maurizio Maestrelli”;spoken for National team of Rai journalist, the  Vip-Latina team, the “Friends of Maurizio” and the Lazio Team, squad composed by promoters, managers and coaches participating to the event. The takings, donated, was assigned in charity to Associazioni onlus “Associazioni italiano Tumori Cerebrali” presso l’istituto Besta di Milano and “Associazione Pietro Leonardi onlus”.

National team of Rai journalist (honorary presidents Michele Giammarioli and Piero Marrazzo, president Americo Mancini) in more than 100 matches collected nearly 3 millions of euro in charity and is testimonial Unicef.

In the team ”Friends of Maurizio“, trained by Giuseppe Materazzi, take the field  Giannichedda, Giordano, Pulici, Oddi, Matteo Materazzi, Stefano Di Chiara and  Piscedda.

The team Vip of Latina, prepared by the mayor Giovanni Di Giorgi, presented a lot of players  that maked the history of football in Latina.

Finally the Lazio Team, determined  in extremis, considering the team composed by member of squads participating to the tournament, discerned it self thanks to the managers of  Botafogo and Zilina.

This  the order of matches ( played 2 period of 25 minutes):

Lazio Team -Vip Latina Team    1-0

National team of Rai journalist  - Friends of Maurizio 5-4 rig.

Final of third place: Vip Latina -Friends of  Maurizio  0-4

Final of first place: Lazio Team – National team of Rai journalist 1-0