The town is at the center of a number of medieval villages built on the slopes of Mount Scalambra watching the Sacco valley that stretches below , where you can admire a landscape rich in vineyards and olive groves.The village is divided into a series of narrow streets that lead to the highest point where there is a castle that stands on top of all the homes , confined by the ancient gates to the country. The center retains its herringbone structure and the same houses built on the edge of the hill on a steep slope had defensive functions in the absence of walls . The tradition of olive growing and wine-making , in particular with the production of DOCG wine Cesanese Piglio , strongly characterizes the territory. Located in the heart of the Wine Road Cesanese , in addition to the best-known winery, there are many farms visited that enable the discovery of an art production full of charm. The Castle, Villa Romana, and numerous places of worship , from the Convent of San Lorenzo with the Blessed Andrea Conti, who stands at the top and the shrine of Our Lady of the Roses place towards the valley 15 buildings and many other more or less known , add an important historical heritage.