Mirko Fersini, the young promise of Lazio soccer team, died the 12 of April 2012. Mirko was the victim of a car accident in Fiumicino, his native country. At the edge of his scooter had fallen just before leaving for a trip of the “Allievi biancocelesti”. Relief, was taken to hospital in serious condition. After three days he has left us. He was 17. The family, father Roberto, Katia mother and sisters Tania and Marika, with a final grand gesture allowed organ donation, allowing six other people to survive thanks to the last act of generosity by Mirko.

A boy solar full of vitality; proud, respectful  always loyal to the duty.  His short life focused on school, sports, and what little free time to spend with friends and his girlfriend. Since his death in recent months, has received honors and initiatives, from the dedication of the main field of Formello that now is called Stadium Mirko Fersini, as promised by President Claudio Lotito, to the appointment of the Municipal Gym Mirko Fersini of Sante Marie d’Abruzzo, mother’s native country thanks to the Mayor Berardinetti. Trophy Schalom Coup “Best Player Award” payable to his memory now and for years to come as a lasting memory. As want the Mayor Mario Canapini a result of the promise made by him on the day of the funeral, the Palace of Sports in Fiumicino will also be named in his memory and will bear his name. His name written anywhere to leave idelebile his memory, the memory of a boy special, unique.