The town is composed of two different villages surrounded by the green of many chestnut typical of the area: Fiuggi City which is the core of most ancient settlement, and the most modern Fiuggi Fonte, was added in the spa area. This medieval village, until 1911, was called Anticoli Country . About the etymology of the name Anticoli , there are two versions: the first that the name derives from ” Antiquae incolae ” or ancient inhabitants of the place ; the second from ” Ante Colles ‘ because the first houses were built probably on the hill surrounded by other taller. However, convincing documents date back to the first half of the eleventh century : in the ” Brief of Pope Nicholas II ” (1059-1061) will appear for the first time in the name of Anticoli Campanea Castellanìa as direct dependence of the Church of the Holy See. Its territory appears to have been inhabited by Pelasgians because people in the nearby lake Canterno during recent excavations of an artesian well, were found fragments of wood are considered part of piles of Pelasgian origin .